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What is a Volcano?

This video is a brief lesson about volcanoes.  Here is our video pitch https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HM3LmVoOO17vvqc7ogM3gEE7GNn7upmE7J9JC6s5GeY/edit?usp=sharing.


ISTE standard 1 Facilitate and engage student learning and creativity.



Webquest Reflection

Prior to creating the webquest I didn’t think I would like it.  I thought it was old and hard to use.  After creating our webquest , I actually enjoyed some of it.  I think it would be a great supplementary tool to use with students.  Partly why I enjoyed it more could be because it was on google docs so it was easier to use and create.  This webquest site I believe, would be a great way for students to learn to find the answers on their own and learn how to research.  There were no questions I had, it was all pretty much self explanatory.  There could be a lot of potential with this site, although it is old,slow, and not really that easy to use,  the layout would be great for students.  I like finding new ways for students to learn, I think it even keeps teachers learning new things as well.  Everything in life is a learning experience, even when you’re at work.  


Here’s the link to my groups webquest!


Digital Citizenship

The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship are key things to know and understand.  It is vital as educators that we understand these concepts as well as teach our students.  I plan on being a middle school science teacher so I made this presentation of the 4 elements I thought were important to me.  Click Here to view my presentation on the top four elements.

Connected Educator

Being a connected educator means to be able to connect with other educators and to discuss and find out what works or what may work for your classroom.  It is also a great way to stay up to date on everything. 

Using Twitter for the first time was pretty easy.  It was nice to be able to connect with everyone who is going through the same thing as me and to be able to see what their opinions and answers were to the questions.   I was able to find educators or people I was interested in following on Twitter to learn more about the things that I wanted to learn.  I didn’t have to join any groups which was awesome.  I really think this is a great way to stay connected with people that your interested in learning from.

The ISTE standard that I though really related to this was engaging in professional growth and leadership.  We as students were able to engage with the professor and grow professionally.  Yes we created a Twitter account, but that doesn’t mean that we use it like some use Facebook or other social media accounts. I know I will continue using it to grow with technology and to stay up to date with news that I am interested on.

Classmates I am following are

1.Gabriela Goff Blog


2.Cindy Fowles Blog


3.Lindsey Carpenter Blog



At first I was unsure of what the ISTE Teahcer Standards were until like I found the iste.org website and read more about them.  After that I was able to find an interesting clip featuring Bill Gates as the speaker and really liked some of the things he said about teachers and learning.  First he stated how the system we have for teachers was unfare to them and their students. His key point was how little useful teachers get in order to better themselves and their classroom. Gates also states how 98% of teachers would get “satisfactory” back and nothing else during evaluations.  This hits home to me because coming from a background with my parents as teachers and myself pursuing to become one, I personally would want more feedback than one word.  I would want to know how to improve and what subjects to improve in.  I am not able to learn in one word, so why just tell someone in one word how they are doing? 

During this talk, Gates showed a clip of a teacher discussing about what she does to fix her mistakes and to find better ways students learn.  In it she explained how she would videotape her teaching every class and taking notes on where improvements needed to be made.  I found this a very useful tool because I think if we can see errors we make we may be able to fix them.  The video related to the teaching standards by showing ways of how technology can help you teach,learn and grow from your own self and others.

This talk was very interesting in learning more about teacher feedback.  If you’re looking to better your career I highly suggest this.  I know that I will use this when I am a teacher. The title of the clip was TV Special: TED Talks Education and offers a variety of speakers. 

What are some other ideas on how to learn from yourself if you get a one worded response during an evaluation?

Here is the link.


Hey my name is Heidi Reinholtz and I want to be a science teacher because I think that science is fun and it is an excellent way in getting students to learn in a variety of ways.  When first thinking about entering the teaching credential program, I thought I would want to teach elementary school until I observed there and realized that middle school would be more enjoyable, especially 6-7th grade.

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